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Evaluation of efficacy of Aloe Vera as a Disinfectant by Immersion and Spray methods on Irreversible Hydrocolloid Impression Material and its Effect on the Dimensional Stability of Resultant Gypsum Cast – An in Vitro Study

Trivedi Roopsi et al.
Issue 4
pp 395 - 402
DOI: 10.25122/jml-2019-0050

The need to use a natural alternative for disinfecting dental impression materials, which should be biocompatible and effective, led us to evaluate the efficacy of Aloe vera as a disinfectant by immersion and spray method on...

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Respiratory Outcome of the Former Premature Infants

Bogdan Raluca Daniela et al.
Issue 4
pp 381 - 394
DOI: 10.25122/jml-2019-0123

The research aims to identify the respiratory pathology during the first two years of life in premature infants with gestational ages between 30-34 weeks and the risk factors for these conditions (familial, prenatal, and...

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