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Tuberculosis in pregnancy

Pop Lucian Gheorghe et al.
Issue 2
pp 165 - 169
DOI: 10.25122/jml-2021-0001

Tuberculosis (TB) in pregnancy is not only a matter of the past; it is also a current problem. These days, TB appears through mass migration and tourism in countries where it was believed that this condition is eradicated....

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Vitiligo and chronic autoimmune thyroiditis

Sandru Florica et al.
Issue 2
pp 127 - 130
DOI: 10.25122/jml-2019-0134

Vitiligo, the discoloration of the skin, has different autoimmune mechanisms reflected by many biomarkers as shown by skin histology, staining for CD4 and CD8 T lymphocytes, chemokine ligand 9 or circulating cytokines such as...

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