2018, Volume 11, Issue 1, pp 29 – 35

Iron deficiency in a tertiary gastroenterology center in Romania: prevalence and significancy


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Introduction:Iron deficiency has been known to cause significant functional impairment, lower quality of life and higher morbidity and mortality. The aim of this study was to estimate the prevalence and significance of iron deficiency in our patients and medical staff.

Material and methods:We performed a prospective cross-sectional study: In July 2016, 383 persons were screened for the presence of iron deficiency (ID): 325 patients and 58 people from the medical staff. Transferrin saturation (TSAT), serum ferritin (SF) and complete blood count were performed. Absolute ID was diagnosed if SF <100 ng/ml and TSAT <20%. Relative ID was defined by SF >100 ng/ml and TSAT <20%.

Results:The group of medical staff was younger and had a greater proportion of women. The prevalence of absolute ID was 22.5% in patients and 43.1% in medical staff; relative ID was present in 15% of patients and 1.7% of medical staff. Among patients, the absolute ID was significantly correlated with the female sex (p=0.002) and pre-menopausal status (p=0.01) but did not correlate with diagnosis, age, BMI, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), aspirin or acenocoumarol consumption. The relative ID is associated with advanced age (p=0.03) and diagnosis of cancer and liver cirrhosis (p=0.01).

Conclusions:Absolute ID had a high prevalence among patients (22.5%), but there was even a bigger issue among the medical staff (43.1%). Absolute ID was correlated with female sex and pre-menopausal status. Relative ID was related to advanced age, cancer and liver cirrhosis.

Abbreviations: serum ferritine- SF, transferrin saturation coefficient- TSAT, iron deficiency- ID, inflammatory bowel diseases- IBD, quality of life- QoL, GI- gastrointestinal


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