2015, Volume 8, Issue Spec Iss 4, pp 203 – 208

Osteoporosis-related knowledge among students of a medical sciences university in Iran: calcium intake and physical activity


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Correspondence to: Nasirzadeh M, Department of Public Health, School of Public Health, Rafsanjan University of Medical Sciences, Rafsanjan, Iran, Kerman Province, Rafsanjan, Iran, E-mail: mnasirzadeh13@yahoo.com


Introduction: Osteoporosis has increased the burden of diseases worldwide and in all populations. It is far more common among women than among men. The current research tried to investigate the health faculty students’ awareness of osteoporosis (calcium intake and physical activity).

Materials & methods: A descriptive-analytical research was conducted on 239 students in the health faculty, who voluntarily participated in this study and chose to use the census instancing approach. The information gathered employed a standardized questionnaire including 9 demographic questions, and 24 questions about osteoporosis were fed into SPSS 18 statistical software, t-test, Pearson’s correlation, and one-way ANOVA.

Findings: 228 students (95.4%) enrolled at the undergraduate level. They age averaged 22.17 ± 2.66. Their mean score of knowledge regarding osteoporosis was 12.96 ± 4.01 (4.67 ± 1.66 for calcium intake and 8.29 ± 2.89 for physical activity section). Only 46 (19.2%) students had a high-level knowledge of osteoporosis. There was a clear link (P < 0.05) among the students’ awareness regarding the marital status, being older, being a BA student of public health, and being a MA. There was no clear link among the awareness and the students’ job, parents’ job, education, and family income (P > 0.05).

Discussion & conclusion: Given the students’ field of study, that being health sciences, their awareness about osteoporosis was poor and unacceptable. Therefore, it was essential to promote the students’ knowledge and determine the causes of insufficient physical activity and calcium intake among students.


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