2015, Volume 8, Issue Spec Iss 3, pp 36 – 43

An evaluation of high-risk behaviors among female drug users based on Health Belief Model


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Correspondence to: Jamshidimanesh Mansoureh School of Nursing and Midwifery, Shahroud University of Medical Sciences, Shahroud, Iran, Shahrud, Semnan, Iran, Mobile phone: +98 9192266207, E-mail: jamshidimanesh@yahoo.com


Objectives. Because of the physiological nature of the female reproductive system, women are susceptible to infectious diseases, especially STD and AIDS. Addiction and high-risk behaviors also grow danger of these diseases. The reason of this paper was to examine high-risk behaviors among female drug users based on the Health Belief Model.

Methods. Participants of this study were 106 female drug users aged 18 years and older; by the undermost level of literacy skills and been involved in sexual relationships. They came to Drop-In-Centers (DIC) in Tehran, the capital of Iran. Data study was controlled by using a logistic reflux investigation and Pearson correlation analysis.

Results. The conclusion showed that women’s overall awareness was moderate. There were a considerable relationship among awareness and years old (p=0.006), awareness and education (p> 0.0001), and awareness and conjugal situation (p=0.062). Perceived sensitivity and severity were clearly compared by education level (p=0.007) and (p=0.014), respectively. Mean scores of perceived benefits and perceived severity of high-risk behaviors were estimated to be superior to other components.

Conclusion. Awareness and perceived susceptibility must be raised regarding the educational schedule, which is according to the health belief model in the addiction field, to reduce perceived barriers to risky behavior prevention of women who use drugs.


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