2015, Volume 8, Issue Spec Iss 3, pp 146 – 150

Evaluation of stress factors among the elderly in the nursing homes for the elderly (Eram and Mother) in Kermanshah, in 2015


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Correspondence to: A Esfandnia, MSc, Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences, Kermanshah, Iran, Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences, Iran, Phone: +989189464518, E-mail: Esfandnia@yahoo.com


Introduction: The goal of this research was to assess the stress factors among the elderly living in nursing homes (Eram and Mother) in Kermanshah, in 2015.

Research method: This was a descriptive – cross analysis and was performed in the first half of 2015 in a sectional way. The statistical population included 150 elderly men and women aged 60 to 74, and the sample size was selected from 108 people using the Cochran formula. A standard questionnaire was used to collect data from a previously validated survey. Finally, a total of 100 questionnaires were filled in and data were analyzed by using Amos 21 and SPSS 21 software.

Results: The results revealed that the dimension of the physiological problems had the highest average and variance of 5.36 ± 21.02 and Disappointment, Home empty, Disability and independence, Relationship problems, Seclusion with an average and variance of 3.12 ± 20.55, 5.29 ± 18.82, 4.54 ± 17.72, 3.59 ± 16.66 and 4.55 ± 16.41, had the largest average and variance.

Conclusion: Given that the greater number of elderly live with the family in Kermanshah and have sufficient support, recommended that the government planned to reduce isolation and increase the social support for this group of elderly nursing.


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